Manresa 2022

The city that transforms (you)

“It was not that he saw any vision. Rather, he understood and knew many things [...], and with such great enlightenment that everything seemed new to him.”
(Fragment of the book The Pilgrim's Journey. Autobiography of Saint Ignatius of Loyola)

Ignatius of Loyola's eleven-month stay in Manresa left a deep impact on him, and his new and unique outlook transformed the world around him. Nowadays, thanks to the work of the Society of Jesus (or ‘Jesuits’), the names of Manresa and the Cardener River are known all around the world. Ignatius’ inner strength made him a key figure of the Modernity period. His novel outlook on people and society, meanwhile, still endures five centuries later. And this is what we want to celebrate today.

“Manresa 2022 Transforma” commemorates Ignatius of Loyola's stay in the city and the values that this continues to promote. Our schedule of events is designed to encourage reflections, meetings, activities and creations that will help us shape a transformative vision for the future of society, on both an individual and a collective level. All of this will take place in a city which, in recent years, has underwent an urban transformation in order to welcome visitors from all corners of the globe, as well as pilgrims who undertake the Ignatian Way. 

We would like to invite all of you - those who live nearby and those who come from further afield - to visit Manresa, participate in the events and discover the city’s many tourist attractions that still bear the mark of Saint Ignatius.