Manresa 2022 Commemorative programme 2022

The 7 axes of the programme

A programme of transformative values 

“Manresa 2022 Transforma” encourages visitors to adopt a transformative outlook in order to improve the society of the future through a range of unique, contemporary and participatory events centred around the values of transformation, spirituality and social change.

Manresa recovers its welcoming spirit in this festival, becoming a hub of exchange and reflection that is typical of a modern, competitive and outward-looking city. In order to make the event as accessible and participatory as possible, the programme includes various activities throughout the year. These revolve around seven main thematic axes based on Ignatius of Loyola's experience in the city:

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Spirituality and thought 

From Manresa to the world 


Culture and art 

Music and festivities

Young people 


Values Committee

The “Manresa 2022 Transforma” project was first launched in 2014 with the presentation of a strategic and working plan. It has been constructed and shaped over the years by various participatory bodies - such as committees and working groups - who come together and render accounts in the Annual Plenary Session.

The Values Committee has played an important role in unpacking Ignatius of Loyola’s experience and legacy in terms of spirituality, social change and transformation: three concepts which form the backbone of "Manresa 2022 Transforma". Through a dialogue platform featuring representatives from different professional, cultural, confessional and generational areas, a huge effort has been made to lend a contemporary meaning to the anniversary of the saint’s stay in the city.