Marxa del Pelegrí

The Marxa del Pelegrí [The Pilgrim's Walk] covers the final stage of the Ignatian Way, connecting Montserrat and Manresa. It follows the path trodden by Saint Ignatius of Loyola on 25 March 1522, allowing hikers to follow in his footsteps and enjoy the landscapes that captivated him. This 26-kilometre stage is home to a wide range of stunning landscapes. It begins in Monestir de Montserrat and passes through Santa Cecília, Castellbell i el Vilar, Castellgalí and Oller del Mas before arriving in the centre of Manresa. 

Those who walk the final stretch of the Marxa del Pelegrí can rediscover the city that inspired the world-renowned figure of Ignatius of Loyola. New routes and formats have been incorporated in recent editions, meaning the Marxa del Pelegrí is more accessible than ever before.


Modalities 2023:

Montserrat 26: Last stage of the Ignatian Way, from Montserrat to the main square of Manresa. Includes: "Botifarrada" in San Cristòfol de Castellbell, where you can also visit the Montserratí Fair. 26 km 600D+

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Montserrat 8: Short route along the Ignatian Way from Montserrat to San Cristòfol de Castellbell. After enjoying the "botifarrada" and the Montserratí Fair, a bus will link up with the last metres of the Way to Manresa. LIMITED SEATING - 8 km 250D+


 Lluvià 15: Circular walk along the Green Ring of Manresa that starts and finishes in Plaça Major, passing by the Lluvià Tower, the Gorg Blau and Oller del Mas, where it links up with the last stretch of the Ignatian Way towards the centre of Manresa. 15km 250D+


You must pick up your bracelet, T-shirt and train ticket (for the long and short Montserrat modalities) at the MANRESA TOURSIM OFFICE, in Plaça Major, 10, from 11th to 14th April 2023. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Ajuntament de ManresaManresa2022Fundació Turisme i Fires de Manresa

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Ajuntament de CastellgalíAjuntament de Castellbell i el VilarAjuntament de Monistrol de MontserratAjuntament de MarganellPatronat de la Muntanya de MontserratBages Turisme, Oller del MasGrup Sardanista Dintre el BoscCentre Excursionista de la Comarca del Bages and Marsi Guies Muntanya

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Fundació La CaixaDiputació de Barcelona and SPAR


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16th April 2023


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