Manresa 2022 Commemorative programme 2022 From Manresa to the world

Visits to cities along the Ignatian Way

This programme of guided tours is organised by Manresa Turisme. The programme is conceived so that residents of the towns and cities that form part of the Ignatian Way can learn about their municipality and discover its historical, artistic and cultural heritage: particularly the parts of the city which are most closely associated with Ignatius of Loyola and the 22 Ignatian “nodes” found around the city and at various points on the last stretch of the Ignatian Way, connecting Montserrat to Manresa.

Manresa belongs to a network of cities and communities that are connected by the Ignatian Way, connecting the Basque Country to Catalonia via La Rioja, Navarre and Aragón. The tourism institutions and general directorates of these communities are working together on a plan to promote the Ignatian Way for the year 2022, which has received backing from the Secretary of State for Tourism. Azpeitia (Loyola) and Manresa have been developing this plan for more than six years, which has led to them drawing up a cooperation agreement to promote the Ignatian Way and raise awareness of the legacy of Ignatius of Loyola.
The collaboration and cooperation of the different cities and regions connected by the Ignatian Way represent a firm commitment of these territories to promote culture, tourism and sustainability.