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A musical show inspired by the transformation of Ignatius of Loyola.

Conceived from a contemporary perspective and aesthetic, this theatre play explores our capacity for transformation in an ever-changing and fluid world. It includes a paradigm shift that calls for us to rediscover ourselves on an individual and collective level; to be, more than ever, proactive protagonists of our own decisions; and to be able to identify and recognise ourselves.

Enecus is a man who had to fight against the blur of personal oblivion, the coldness of the spiritual loneliness and the darkness of the metaphorical hole he finds himself in. So far from life, off the path, cast away from the world and himself. 

Enric Llort is the writer and the director of this play made in Manresa with local artists and musicians highlighting local talent.  

Jordi Figueras (actor) incarnates the main character, Enecus (Ignatius), who, accompanied by five presences, leads the public into the inside-out transformation of this pilgrim that left his print on the world. These five presences represent his feelings and emotional burdens and are: conscience, performed by Natxo Tarrés ; desire performed by Marta Valero; alterity performed by Salva Racero; guilt performed by Jose Manuel Garzón that incarnates the figure of the father who blamed Ignatius for the death of his wife during Ignatius birth and finally longing performed by Celeste Alias incarnating the mother. The mother, Ignatius mother in its biological meaning but also as a belief or the mother of us all, the Virgin Mary.  This presence will accompany Ignatius and walk beside him on the way, a mother he never had, but he has always sensed. 

All rounded up with original music tracks. The sound is the everlasting character in this play. Miquel Coll and Lluís Coll are the composers of the 7th character that surrounds the transformation of the ones on scene. 

Enecus, the play, undresses the personage of Ignatius, to discover his most human and vulnerable side to show us the most intimate and personal version of the pilgrim of Loyola. 

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placeAddress: Sala Gran del Teatre Kursaal
callPhone: +34 93 878 40 90
17th and 18th September 2022

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Conditions of access: * Event in Catalan


Price: 12€
Presentation Enecus - Performance