Inici Manresa 2022 The programme Culture and art

Land Art "Microscopies"

The “Microscopies” project was launched in 2020 between the Manresa City Hall and the El Forn de la Calç Contemporary Art Centre (CACiS). It includes, within the Anella Verda [Green Ring] of Manresa, several environmentally-friendly art installations that encourage those who admire them to consider the relationship between mankind and nature and our outlook on the environment. The project is supported by Meandre, the Parc del Secà, the Bages Waste Management Consortium and the Green Ring, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Regional Government of Catalonia.

"Microscopies" is an itinerary through the Anella Verda [Green Ring] that combines art, nature and culture through various ephemeral and permanent works. This art festival aims to increase the number of artistic pieces found in Manresa's natural environment. 

In 2022 "Microscopies" will add a thematic installation on Manresa 2022 to the itinerary along the Anella Verda [Green Ring] around the Santa Caterina Tower, at the end of the Ignatian Way, as a sustainable way of bringing art to society.

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placeAddress: Torre Santa Caterina
callPhone: +34 93 878 40 90
26th to 28th August