Inici Manresa 2022 The programme Culture and art

Quinze Vint-i-Dos

The Quinze Vint-i-dos [Fifteen Twenty Two] cycle, which will be held in the Espai Manresa 1522 Interpretation Centre, delves into the reading of Ignatian concepts and the values of “Manresa 2022 Transforma” through the vehicles of music and performance arts. It will host brand new, unrehearsed creative dialogues between artists of different disciplines in front of a live audience, who will spontaneously interact to create a spectacle in front of their eyes. 

The Quinze Vint-i-dos [Fifteen Twenty Two] cycle was launched in 2018 to provide the Espai Manresa 1522 with a cultural and artistic offering to complement its regular programme. It was originally conceived to raise awareness of the interpretation centre and to promote “Manresa 2022 Transforma” and the manresana footprint of Ignatius of Loyola through the intertwining of music, dance, circus, poetry, theatre and acrobatics, amongst other disciplines. With this cycle, the Espai Manresa 1522 brings together artists from Manresa and further afield, shaping a genuine transformation through the creation of art that is shared with the wider community.


placeAddress: Espai Manresa 1522
callPhone: +34 93 878 40 90
Sundays of November 2022


Price: Soon