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Manel Camp Concert

The word "Carst" may seem strange, but the curious thing is that we are close to a karstic landscape. The mountains of Montserrat and the Mallorcan Tramontana form the backdrop to Manel Camp's life. Montserrat was also the landscape setting for Ignatius of Loyola's spiritual transformation.

Immersed in the project 'De Minorisa a Carst', this multidisciplinary concert makes more sense than ever, combining music and dance, with Manel Camp at the piano, Mathew Simon at the trumpet, Horacio Fumero at the double bass and Lluís Ribalta at the drums and percussion. In addition, the Elysian Ballet performs dance and movements.

In 2022 Manel Camp celebrates his musical career and commitment to music and culture with a concert at La Cueva, one of the last recitals of his 75th birthday.

Postponed to 18 June. Tickets for sale.

*If you have a ticket for the previous date, it will still be valid for the June concert. Those who wish for a refund can request it through

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placeAddress: Jardins de la Cova de Sant Ignasi
callPhone: +34 93 878 40 90
18th June 2022. 19:30.


Price: 15€