Manresa 2022 Commemorative programme 2022 Music and festivities

Opening Show "Manresa 2022 transforms"

Opening show

The 2022 celebration kicks off with a music and aerial dance show on a flying platform by Sacude Danza. 

The inaugural show also features Manresa organisations that collaborate with Manresa 2022—contributing to the message of collaboration, transformation and celebration of the project and its kick-off, inviting the entire public to participate in the Manresa 2022 project.

The music will invite euphoria on an aerial journey. Together with the dancers, it will light the start of a party that will last throughout the year and beyond, transmitting an intense state of happiness to the public, stimulating them through flights, dances, and acrobatics.

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placeAddress: Plaça Major
callPhone: +34 93 878 40 90
saturday 29th January · 8pm


Price: Free entrance