Inici Manresa 2022 The programme Spirituality and thought International Spirituality Forum

Presentation of the International Spirituality Forum

On Earth Day, Manresa gets ready to host the International Spirituality Forum  “Cruilla de Camins” [“Crossroads”] that will take place on November. The forum will address the environmental challenge from an interreligious and youth perspective.

The presentation of the forum will take over a day. It will start with a morning of silence and active listening to the Earth at the Pou de Llum, a natural space within the city with a unique panoramic view key in the spiritual transformation of Ignatius of Loyola in Manresa.

In the afternoon, an open interreligious event in Plana de l'Om will take place to celebrate the date and prepare the city for the forum next November, connecting on streaming with various locations on the planet involved in the organisation of the International Spirituality Forum.

The day is organised by the local group of the Spirituality Forum, made up of different interreligious dialogue entities, and will embrace the participation of the Islamic community with the breaking of the fast in an open iftar.


placeAddress: Espai Plana de l'Om
callPhone: +34 93 878 40 90
22 d'abril de 2022