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Enigma Pergolesi

The soprano Núria Rial and mezzo-soprano Mireia Pintó, two prominent voices of the lyrical panorama, will bring us closer to the musical beauty of the Stabat Mater by G.B. Pergolesi (1710-1736). One of the most widely performed and printed works of the 18th century. The sublime inspiration of its creator, together with his premature death at the age of 26, not only caused rivers of ink to flow in his time. Furthermore, it served as a compositional model for other creations,  to the extent that new compositions were attributed to Pergolesi himself, as was the case with the no less beautiful Salvo a dúo by the Catalan Joan Rossell (1724-1780).

This production, promoted by the aforementioned local voices and the Ensemble Exclamatio under the co-direction of Oleguer Aymamí and Alba Roca, offers us some musical clues to help us solve the Pergolesi enigma.

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placeAddress: Cova de Sant Ignasi
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25th september 2022 · 6pm


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