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Farewell Path

After his eleven-month stay in Manresa, Ignatius of Loyola proceeded his journey to Jerusalem, continuing the pilgrimage he had started months earlier. In commemorating the 500th anniversary of his departure from Manresa, the Farewell Path follows the first 10km he undertook when leaving from Manresa to Pont de Vilomara. 

Farewell Road (10km)

8:30h - Starting point: Espai Manresa 1522

10:00h - Mass service at Santuari de la Salut de Viladordis (optional)

12:00h - Reception of the Ignatian Way official marking tile (plaça Major of Pont de Vilomara)

Elevation gain: + 239m 
Elevation lost: - 253m
Technical difficulty: Easy 

REGISTRATION (Available from 7th February)

The inscription includes victuals at three refreshment points, a bus service from Pont de Vilomara to plaça Sant Domènec in Manresa and a souvenir. 

Organized by: Ajuntament de Manresa, Ajuntament del Pont de Vilomara, La Cova de Sant Ignasi, el Camí Ignasià, la Parròquia de la Salut de Viladordis 

With the collaboration of: Grup Sardanista Dintre el Bosc, Spar, Manresa 2022 


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