Manresa 2022 Commemorative programme 2022 Spirituality and thought

Symposium ' Dialogues for Transformation'

'Dialogues for Transformation' is the final Symposium of the "Travessa cap al 2022 [Journey to 2022]", organised by the group Inspiració [Inspiration] 2022, which has been taking place throughout 2021 and the beginning of 2022 with various talks, walks and environmental clean-ups. 

As a culmination of the citizen rumination, the Symposium will not only present their conclusions of this Journey. There will also be speeches and masterclasses by actual international referents and personalities.

This Symposium and the Journey itself have been created and organised from a 'cosmotheandric' viewpoint. They consist of the earth, human and transcendent spheres with dialogues hosted by referents such as Satish Kumar, Jorge N. Ferrer, Berta Meneses and Xavier Melloni.

The Symposium is part of Ignàgora, a series of talks and lectures - promoted by Manresa City Council and La Cova Foundation - on the figure and thought of Saint Ignatius and the influence of Ignatian values in today's society. Spaces for reflection on the future from various perspectives: educational, touristic, spiritual, scientific, social and historical - aiming to deepen and make the most of them.

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placeAddress: Teatre Conservatori
From 25th to 27th March 2022


Price: Free of charge